Oil spills cleaning

Over the years, Enviro Clean Mobile Services Inc. developed a safe and efficient oil stain or spill cleaning procedures. Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, an oil spill is a problem. It poses an ecological hazard and creates harmful fumes. Staining of driveways or parking areas can harm the appearance of your property.

We know and comply with oil spill regulations, stain cleaning, wastewater recovery, and vacuuming. Enviro Clean Mobile Services Inc. employees will come prepared with oil absorbent, socks, berms, and drain covers to make sure the job is done right.

Our employees can use different detergents depending on the surface and age of the oil spill. We will price the cleaning beforehand or will provide an hourly rate before starting the job. Our estimates are fair and honest, and we will tell you ahead of time if we think the oil spill might not disappear completely.

What happens if you don't clean an oil spill?
If you don't clean the surface, the gas and oil will move from the soil and pollute nearby streams, rivers and lakes. Oil in soil can affect the health of your plants, pets, wildlife and nearby waterways. Don't ignore a spill or leave the clean-up process until a later date. A minor spill may worsen rapidly and result in a much more serious incident.
A fluid spill can spell disaster for a company's workflow when sections of the workspace have to be closed off while cleaning takes place. Oil spills can increase the chances of falls and prevent transport equipment from safely moving through the area and toxic or corrosive fluids will require thorough cleaning so that any health risks are removed once the workspace is reopened again.
Spills pose a significant health and safety risk to every single one of your company's employees, as well as the immediate environment. It is imperative that spills are handled with care and immediately taken care of. A small spill can become a huge problem for your company, not only for the health and environmental reasons, because of possible fines, among other potential legal ramifications.
As you're probably aware, spills involving hazardous chemicals or dangerous goods can result in serious incidents such as fires, explosions, asphyxiation and environmental damage. Spills must be cleaned up immediately and effectively to reduce the likelihood of these events occurring.

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