Catch basin cleaning

Vacuuming out catch basins and sump pits on a regular basis helps to prevent pricey and expensive repairs.

Our company specializes in commercial and residential catch basin maintenance and provides all year round service. We are licensed contractors and we provide fast and reliable service to deal with any catch basin problem that you might be facing.

Catch basins are one of the most important, and least understood elements of your property's drainage system. Often overlooked, they are one of the most important protectors of Toronto's urban areas. Here's how they work:

  • When a large quantity of rain falls on a non-porous surface (or even a porous one that's unable to absorb the water quickly enough) it will pool on the top, causing a flood. A catch basin is simply a cavern in the ground that has a wide opening, usually covered by a steel grate, that allows water (and some other stuff that it carries, like gravel and garbage below a certain size) to fall in. The water then collects in the basin, until it reaches the level of the outflow pipe, which connects it to the grater drainage system - an oil/water separator, or a pump, and eventually to the municipal stormwater management system, also known as the “storm sewer”.

Catch basins serve two main purposes - by giving the runoff from a parking lot or other surface a place to collect, it stops a quick rainstorm from overwhelming the drainage system, delaying the water's flow and allowing the rest of the system to “catch up” with a sudden deluge of water. In addition to catching water, they also capture large particles, like rocks and bits of concrete, as well as garbage from the surface. This material is too heavy to float to the top of the catch basin, or too large to enter the outflow pipe. Over time, it will collect in the catch basin and reduce its capacity. It will also harbour bacteria, and if it doesn't rain frequently enough to keep changing the water, catchbasins will start to smell, and organic sludge will build up and cause more problems.

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