Brick restoration and new masonry cleaning

Enviro Clean Mobile Services Inc. technicians can restore your old masonry to its look many years ago.

At Enviro clean mobile Services inc, we offer brick cleaning and washing services that other companies simply cannot do. We have the highest psi commercial pressure systems that will remove the toughest of stains on any types of bricks. With specialized equipment our services take much less time and allow for work to be done right the first time. Over washing or repeatedly washing brick will cause the the brick to lose its colour, but we can wash the brick once and move on so that the brick always maintains its colour.

We have the best and strongest equipment in the industry to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Every client who wants to have their brick home or office cleaned right the first time should work with us to get their power washing needs taken care of.

What are the benefits of masonry cleaning?
By removing mould, algae and dirt, power washing also allows your building to last as long as possible. Masonry cleaning can prevent the elements that lead to rot, deterioration and other damage that would require expensive repairs.
There are a number of benefits that come with restoring or cleaning your brickwork.

  • Harmful bacteria removal. A common and preferred breeding ground for harmful bacteria.
  • Saving on extreme repair costs.
  • Adding on the resale value to your building.
  • Better appeal.
  • Prolonged building life.
Cleaning is usually carried out as the final step when building new masonry, removing mortar smears, grout spills, and other construction-related stains. Dirt, pollutants, biological growth, paint, and graffiti is removed from existing masonry to improve its appearance and maintain long-term performance.
Removal of harmful bacteria - a prolonged build-up of bacteria, dirt, grime and mildew on the exterior brickwork of your building can prove harmful. Although the chances of them affecting your health directly are remote, they nevertheless do spoil the look of your building. Brick cleaning can remove all such stuff.

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