Mobile Truck Disinfection

Representing the gold standard in fleet sanitization is Enviro Clean Mobile Services Inc. specializing in mobile truck disinfection service, we offer an unparalleled service that blends intensive cleaning protocols with innovative technology, ensuring each vehicle in your fleet is expertise-cleaned and thoroughly sanitized.

At Enviro Clean, we understand the significance of a clean and safe fleet. Our mobile sanitizing services are rigorously designed to combat all forms of bacteria and virus threats, providing your fleet with the ultimate defense in vehicle hygiene. we create a cleaner, healthier environment for your drivers - a testament to our commitment to their safety and well-being.

But our service goes beyond sanitizing. By utilizing our fleet-detailing program, each vehicle in your fleet not only becomes a safer space - it becomes a revitalized emblem of your business. Through our meticulous cleaning process, every truck under our care reflects the professional image your business deserves.

More than an everyday clean, Enviro Clean Mobile Services Inc. is about creating an environment of exceptional cleanliness. For top-notch mobile truck fleet sanitizes services that prioritize health, safety, and professional appeal, look no further.

With Enviro Clean, your fleet becomes a statement - of care, of professionalism, and of supreme sanitation. Rise above the ordinary; choose Enviro Clean Mobile Services for your fleet sanitizing requirements.

How does truck disinfection work?
Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.
Disinfecting can kill viruses and bacteria that remain on surfaces after cleaning. By killing germs on a surface after cleaning, disinfecting can further lower the risk of spreading disease.
A quick interior detail might take two hours, while a comprehensive exterior detail might take up to two days.
With the proliferation of COVID-19 variants and the coming flu season, it is worth taking extra time to make sure vehicles are cleaned and sanitized to keep employees safe and healthy. High cost of business insurance have made it more important than ever for fleets to be aware of protecting the health and safety of their employees.

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